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Volunteers Needed!


But why should you volunteer?


We can think of many reasons, but the main ones are:


If you’re feeling down or lonely, then your local library is a great way to get out and make new friends!


People from all walks of life volunteer for just a few hours a week, so it’s a great way to meet new people and get out of the house.


If you are currently unemployed and actively seeking work, making new contacts within the library system has been proven to help people get back into work.


We also give full training, which looks great on your CV.


Many potential employers look on CVs, and will certainly look favourably on those where people have actively gone out and volunteered.


We only ask volunteers to commit to as many hours as they can manage.


Call in or ring for more details!


It shows commitment and initiative!


Please phone (0114) 203 9531 or (0114) 285 3093 or email: southeyvolunteers@gmail.com for more information.