Welcoming Local Schools

Southey Library

Summer time is always a great time to visit your local library, and last week and this, we’ve had groups of local school children round in their classes with teachers and teaching assistants.

We’ve been explaining just how a library works; the different things you can do and learn and how all the knowledge is organised on the shelves and bookcases.

On the 11th of this month, we had two classes of nearly thirty pupils in each, and this week, we’ll be gosting another class, possibly two!Southey Library

Whenever a school calls us, we always bend over backwards to assist them, and just a few weeks ago, we went into a school with a large display board (pictured), and gave talks to various classes before they came to see us a few days later.

We think that encouraging school children to read and use their library can only be a good thing, so we celebrate every success as youngsters visit us to see how we work and how we can help them.

Yes, The Internet is good and great, but Uncle Google still cannot compete with a clued-up librarian for telling you where to look to find what you need.